Rabbi Yosef David

Rabbi Yosef David hails from Lakewood NJ and attended the world renown Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He and his wife Mimi are the proud parents of 7 great kids. Rabbi David is the Executive Director of Aish HaTorah of  St. Louis and loves teaching Torah as well as leading an Educational Service at Nusach Hari Bnai Zion every Saturday morning.  He feels privileged to lead an extremely popular Men’s Mission Israel each fall, where his knowledge and easy-going nature are highly appreciated.  In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, weightlifting, and experiencing the outdoors. Yosef and his wife, Mimi, have been married 21 years and are parents to 7 fabulous children.


Rabbi Shmuel Greenwald

Rabbi Shmuel Greenwald is the Education Director.  Rabbi Shmuel Greenwald grew up in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. As a child, when making a list of places he might one want to live, St. Louis was between the Congo and Dazakhstan. Becoming a Rabbi occupied a similar place on his list of possible occupations. Rabbi Greenwald loves living in St. Louis and frequently states, “It is a great place to live, but I would not want to visit.” Rabbi Greenwald lives in St. Louis with his wife Chana and five children.

Mimi David

Mimi David is originally from Far Rockaway, New York, and in addition to her parents, her family consists of 6 brothers and 1 sister. She was certified as a Judaic Studies Teacher from the Bais Yaakov Academy in Israel, and has been teaching Judaic studies for more than 16 years, mostly on the high school and adult level. She has been a teacher at Esther Miller Bais Yaakov of St. Louis for nearly 11 years. In 2015, she became the Director of Women’s Education at Aish St. Louis, where she leads inspirational trips to Israel twice a year, gives classes and programs, and studies one-on-one with extremely inspiring women.
Her hardest and most rewarding role is raising her 7 amazing children, who range in age from 3 to 20. Mimi loves hosting guests for Shabbos meals and serving as a mentor for many girls and women, but her favorite thing to do is to be with her family.

Claire Wolff

Claire Wolff has been the Administrative Assistant at Aish for      years.          .



Caren Goldstein

Caren Goldstein has been the Administrative Assistant at Aish since December 2015. Caren is a “New Yorker at heart” but likes the “slower pace” living in  St. Louis since 1999, when she and her family moved here for her husband’s career change.  She was employed at the JCC from nearly 13 years and has been the co-administrative assistant at Aish for over a year.  Her husband, Yiftach, is a kibbutznick and they visit family when they can.  Her daughter, Michal, is an avid music festival attendee and will her complete her Master’s Degree in mental health counseling next May.  Her son, Ariel, is studying towards his Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and enjoys spending time with friends and exploring different areas in St. Louis.